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5 Ways to Get Fit Using Everyday Tech Tools

As stated in this listicle, technology can be very effective for getting us healthier and fitter when used well. In this listicle, we delve further into the latter. Below, we take a closer look at using apps and tech tools that can help you get fit in a way that is practical and sustainable. After all, the goal is an active lifestyle for the long haul.

01. Music playlisting

Having your favourite feel-good, 4-minute long dance track on repeat (3 to 4 times) is a great place to start. You will be able to enjoy the music and keep moving. Before you know it, your workout would have ended. Any of your favourite music streaming apps like Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube music can work using your App store or the platform’s official website.

02. Mobile video workouts

Some of the most popular videos on FREE-to-watch platforms like YouTube are low-impact 10-minute workouts. Hop on the platform using your phone or another mobile device via or your App Store and search 10-minute workouts to get started. From the results, you can choose a workout that is best suited to you and your fitness level.

03. The App Store

In addition to the above options, there are dedicated apps that can be used for short burst interval-training options. The 7-minute workout app is great in this regard. This app comes complete with a set of timed, demonstrated workout moves that you are required to do for about 20 seconds with 10-second rest breaks. These workouts only last 7 minutes, but they are intense, doable, and effective.

04. Wear FitBits

As modern technological advancements continue to design more convenient resources, wearables will become more affordable and increasingly commonplace. In the hustle and bustle of life and work, many of us skip the gym and generally maintain low levels of physical activity. However, this can change by adding a fitness watch to your wardrobe. These wearable devices help you keep track of the number of steps you are taking daily (and consequently, your level of ‘natural’ physical activity). The device can help you gradually adopt a more active lifestyle that is sustainable.

05. Working on Body Parts

Some of us have goals that go beyond simply getting and staying active. For some, greater levels of fitness and focusing on different muscle groups is the goals. Those who fall into this category will be happy to know that there are workout apps (and YouTube videos) that are designed focused on different body parts. As such, there are apps and videos exclusive to working the abs and core area, versus legs, for example.

For a balanced approach, using apps for different areas of focus on different days is a great option. It is highly recommended that options dealing with areas of focus are balanced with ‘total-body’ workout options like dance cardio, kickboxing, walking, and the like.

Mix It Up: The Active Lifestyle Mantra

Finally, because all the aforementioned options are great for short workouts, you can opt to use them together. You can do a music playlist workout in the morning and an app store option in the afternoon, for example. You can also opt to dedicate days of the week to different options. Find the mix that works for you depending on your goals.

Importantly, fitness goals are not just for those who are ‘gym obsessed’ or athletes. Instead, they are for everyone. All of us who have a body should take steps to get it moving a little each day. Short workouts are perfect for this as they can be done quickly at least once per day (on days you are swamped). Alternatively, they can be done more than once on days that are not as busy.