Top Ten Writing Tips for Your Digital Platform

With the Internet being a wonderland for fiction and non-fiction writers alike, the top ten tips for writers are always needed. While the basic tenets of using language well apply to platforms both online and offline, writing for the web requires additional best practices. Blogs, digital magazines, columns, and self-published eBooks are all avenues writers can […]

4 Principles UI/UX Designers Need for Flawless Designs

Technology, admittedly, can be very ageist in design and usability. Many of the features and functions designed into our favourite technology tools make a lot of assumptions about the capabilities of the users. As such, a broad cross-section of those with special accessibility needs may be completely left out of the equation. Thankfully, with a […]

40 Fun and Interesting Facts About Spiders

For many of us, spiders are harmless and annoying creatures that build webs in our buildings and other parts of our surrounding if we don’t clean and clear them away often enough. For others, spiders and large, creepy, and possibly deadly. While both are true, the reality is most spiders fit somewhere in the middle. […]

5 Ways to Get Fit Using Everyday Tech Tools

As stated in this listicle, technology can be very effective for getting us healthier and fitter when used well. In this listicle, we delve further into the latter. Below, we take a closer look at using apps and tech tools that can help you get fit in a way that is practical and sustainable. After […]

5 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Total Health

As technology advances quickly, it can feel like our real-world lives are playing catch-up. Consequently, the digital world can seem at odds with our daily lives. However, this need not be so. The secret is to use technology as a tool that serves us instead of becoming inundated and getting lost in the noise. Today’s […]